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About the whoISHwho project

The goal of the WhoISHWho project is to provide information about the world’s clinical hypnosis experts in one system. The project will include information about master clinicians, leading scientists and researchers, workshop facilitators and trainers, and authors.

As a start, we are collecting profiles of participants which include biosketches/CVs, photos, publication lists and, when relevant, their most recent presentations and workshops. Additional information may be made available over time.

The International Society of Hypnosis (ISH) has Constituent Societies all around the world. We are in the process of eliciting information about the leading clinicians, researchers, and trainers from each Constituent Society.

WhoISHWho will provide many benefits to professionals and patients alike. For example, it will make it possible for patients who have a rare condition to identify clinicians who specialize in the treatment of this condition. WhoISHWho will make it possible for therapists to identify specialists with whom they might wish to consult or to refer.

WhoISHWho will also help researchers (and their trainees) identify experienced colleagues with whom they can consult and collaborate. WhoISHWho will support professors and trainers to find relevant publications that may not be listed in other systems. WhoISHWho will also make it possible for clinicians and researchers to find colleagues who share interests. This can be useful when developing a new book or research project.

Organizers of a topical symposium or a hypnosis congress can use the WhoISHWho listings to identify expert presenters or keynote speakers.

The opportunities and possibilities for using WhoISHWho to build bridges and facilitate productive connections and collaborations are numerous.

Once we have in place most of the active international colleagues that we are planning to add to the system, we also plan to create a WhoISHWho “Hall of Fame,” that will identify and celebrate the pioneers of hypnosis in the past 200 plus years. This will include listing their important publications.

Although we understand that creating and maintaining the WhoISHWho project will involve a great deal of work, we anticipate a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm about this initiative. We are hoping for the support and involvement of many colleagues who could provide us with important historical information, as well as photos, paintings, and perhaps the prints from historic books. Please support us by sending in CV/biosketch, publication list, and photo. Please encourage your colleagues to do the same. Also, please feel free to provide contact information for colleagues you are recommending to be listed in the WhoISHWho directory. We are looking forward to the WhoISHWho initiative growing into an international list of the most important and influential individuals in the field of hypnosis.