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Bhaskar Vyas

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Dr. Bhaskar Vyas (1937) is a plastic surgeon. He has been a pioneer in the field by way of establishing plastic surgery unit at the Medical College and M.S. University, Baroda. He has trained at Edinburgh and as a Research Fellow at Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia. He is a practicing plastic surgeon as well as a visiting professor at the Department of Psychology, M.S. University, Baroda, India. He is the Chairman of a private limited company, Total Potential Cell (P) Ltd., dedicated to research in stem cell applications in clinical practice.

He pleaded with the GoG for establishment of Department of Plastic Surgery at Medical College, Baroda and has designed and pioneered it. He pleaded for starting a diploma course in clinical hypnosis at the M. S. University; that is running since last 20 years. He is a Visiting Professor at the psychology department.

He has published over 40 papers in the National and International journals. He has attended many National and International Conferences and made presentations in the various subjects. He is one of the founder and a Past President of Indian Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He has been a Past President of Society for Clinical and Experimental Research.

His bifurcation to hypnotherapy was consequent to his studies and exposure to esoteric meditation practices of Hindu and Buddhist traditions.  A versatile scientific training has enabled him in advancement of Ericksonian strategies.

He was the Director of the 7th National Conference on Hypnotherapy, Jan. 2009 and 2013. He was a member of the organizing committee of 3rd and 5th – 1989 and 1995 -Hypnotherapy conferences at Baroda. He was Key note speaker on the subject Genomics of Hypnosis at 8th National Conference at B’lore. He was invited to speak and teach at the International Conf in Bremen in 2012 and Paris in 2015. Research on Genomics of Hypnosis was published in 2019. He also taught a workshop in Sweden in 2012.

They have initiated in Vajra Yana practices of Tibetan Buddhism. Their meditative practices are based on Patanjali's yoga sutra.

The range of his study extends from J.Krishnamurty's writings, Zen practices, Kashmir Shavism and transcultural varieties of religious experiences. He as a medical doctor, is involved in the spiritual aspect of healing arts as a scientific tool in the form of hypnotherapy. With over 60 years of persistent contributions, he and his wife, Dr. Rajni Vyas have successfully removed the academic bias against hypnotherapy and, now there is general acceptance that it is a contemporary form of Raj Yoga.

They have been instrumental in establishing a Teaching Course in hypnotherapy based on Indian traditions at Department of Psychology, M. S. University, Baroda in 1999 as one year Diploma course. This has attracted the young psychologists and medical doctors from all over the country.

They have conducted numerous teaching workshops all over the country that have attracting the budding therapists from various disciplines including Yoga practioners.

He has taught and has been examiner for Ph.D. at SVYASA, Swami Vivekanand Yoga Anusthan Sanshtan. A Deemed university, Bangalore. teaching Yoga practices.



1969- till date Plastic Surgeon, Hypnotherapist, Stem Cell Scientist, Baroda

1976 -1995 Honorary Secretary, Medical Care Center Trust, Baroda Established a State of Art Children Hospital with Post Graduate Teaching Programmes. 

1964-1970 Assistant Professor in Surgery, Medical College, Baroda during which he  went for further training as

1968-69 Research Fellow at Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia

1967-1968 Plastic Surgery Unit, Bangour General Hospital, Edinburgh



Hobbies: Creativity of all kinds; Music and Arts, Painting

Baroda, Gujarat 390001, Indien

Books published

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The Real Life Story of Stem Cells, Self published, Google Books, 2020

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