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Claudia Weinspach

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German, English

“Human life is a gift which keeps on giving over the years” Claudia Weinspach

Claudia Weinspach is a psychologist and licenced psychological psychotherapist for behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy with her own practice in Münster. After training in various additional psychological areas (cognitive-behavioural, conversation and body therapy, as well as couples therapy), hypnosis is now the focus of her professional activity.

After several years of training in classical hypnosis and Ericksonian hypnotherapy at the German Society for Hypnosis (DGH) and at the Milton Erickson Foundation (MEF) in Phoenix, USA, as well as at the MEI in Melbourne, Australia, she is now offering coaching and treatment for mental illness. Claudia‘s therapeutic thinking and methods were shaped during her collaboration with the "Turtle Island Project" in Arizona through shamanic healing rituals (Dr. Carl Hammerschlag and Mona Polacca), as well as through her many years of theatre and voice work. She combines modern hypnotherapy with elements of indigenous shamanic traditions and music.

As head of the DGH Training- and Further Training Centre Rhein-Ruhr, she offers multi-faceted training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Furthermore, she lectures in hypnosis (DGH, MEG) and works as a supervisor (DGH, PTK NRW). Her clinic is also the teaching centre for the ZAP GmbH (Bad Salzuflen) and IPP (Bochum) institutes.







Münster, Germany
Member of ISH


Weinspach, C., & Fliegel, S. (2006). Improvisationstheater als Gruppentherapie für sexuell traumatisierte Frauen.

Short, D., & Weinspach, C. (2007). Hoffnung und Resilienz. Therapeutische Strategien von Milton H. Erickson. Carl-Auer: Heidelberg.

Weinspach, C. (2018). Milton H. Erickson. In: A. Kaiser Rekkas (Hrsg.), Hypnose und Hypnotherapie. Manual für Praxis, Fortbildung und Lehre. Carl-Auer: Heidelberg.

Weinspach, C. (2018). Schildkrötenritt. In: Ghita Benaguid (Hrsg.), Tranceperlen. Hypnotherapie von Frau zu Frau. Carl-Auer Heidelberg. (wird bei Carl Auer in 2019 veröffentlicht)

Presentations/ teachings


  • Studied Psychology in Münster and Aachen
  • Established behavioural therapy practice (1998)
  • Licensed psychological psychotherapist (1999)


  • Multi-year training in hypnosis at the German Society for Hypnosis (DGH)

since 2003

  • Multi-year training in Ericksonian hypnosis at the Milton Erickson Foundation (MEF) in Phoenix, USA (with Jeffrey Zeig, Steve Lankton, Brent Geary and Dan Short) and the MEI in Melbourne, Australia
  • Certification in hypnosis (DGH) and Ericksonian hypnotherapy

since 2005

  • Teaching internationally in hypnosis, trauma, violence and resilience
  • Collaboration with "Turtle Island Project", a non-profit organization that promotes collaboration between mainstream medicine and indigenous healing (until 2012). Also in collaboration wtih this project: regular seminars with Mona Polacca and Carl Hammerschlag in Phoenix, USA, in Switzerland (Zurich) and in Germany (including Münster, Steyerberg, Heidelberg, Krefeld)

since 2011

  • Moderator of a hypnotherapeutic quality circle accredited by the Psychotherapeutic Chamber NRW (QZ DGH)

since 2012

  • Teaching on various hypnosis topics (including hope and resilience, trauma, body awareness, ceremonies and rituals, and psychotherapeutic strategies developed by M. Erickson) in an international context (e.g. Trauma Conference (MEI South Africa 2012), MEG in Bad Kissingen (2012), Hypnosystemic Meeting of HYPS and IEF in Zurich (2012), Ericksonian Online Conference (MEI Australia 2013), IST in Vienna (2013), ESH in Sorronto (2014), Brief Therapy in San Diego (2016), ISH in Montreal (2018) and San Francisco (2018) )

since 2013

  • Founding of DGH Training- and Further Training Centre Rhein-Ruhr
  • Training group for hypnosis and hypnotherapy according to the German Society for Hypnosis (DGH) curriculum for Doctors, Dentists and Psychotherapists