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Eva Albermann

Last name
Dr. med.
German, English




Professional career

07.10.2019 - now assistant doctor at ZFP Reichenau, Sinova Day Clinic Konstanz, schematic therapeutic concept

03.01.-30.06.2019 Assistant doctor in acute gerontological psychiatry in the Integrated Psychiatry Winterthur, Department of Gerontological Psychiatry

25.06.2019 Specialist examination in psychiatry and psychotherapy 1st part in Bern

1997 to 11/2018 Freelance work in own medical-psychotherapeutic practice in Freiburg im Breisgau (, additional title psychotherapy and homeopathy, mainly psychotherapeutic and consulting work (hypnotherapy, systemic therapy, trauma therapy with EMDR, behavioral therapy, psychotherapy based on depth psychology)

Since 2003 lecturer at MEG (Milton-Erickson-Society for Clinical Hypnosis), SMSH (Swiss Medical Society for Hypnosis), psychosomatic university hospital Freiburg, IEF (Institute for Systemic Development and Advanced Training Zurich), Institute for Trauma Therapy Berlin and at congresses, wilob Lenzburg

Coaching and supervision with Prof. Joachim Bauer on the Teacher Health Project

2/2005 Entry in the physicians' register of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians of South Baden as a specialist in general medicine

11.2.1995- 2.6.1997 Emmendingen Centre for Psychiatry

Assistant doctor (acute and admission ward)


1/1996 Entry in the medical register of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Südbaden as a general practitioner

4/1995 Approval by Stuttgart Regional Council

1.10.1993-10.2.1995 Practical training, practice for general medicine and homeopathy with Lusser-Brady and Kritzanits, Freiburg and Centre for Psychiatry Emmendingen



1986-1992 Study of human medicine at the FU Berlin and in Freiburg im Breisgau

12/1993 Doctorate at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, University Children's Hospital under Prof. Dr. med. M. Strassburg, Developmental Pediatrics:

"The development of former premature infants ( 32.SSW) in pre-school age, a developmental diagnostic follow-up".


Additional courses and activities during studies

SS1989 Course on Medicine in Developing Countries, Landesinstitut für Tropenmedizin, Berlin

1988-90 Study of Sports Medicine, Institute for Sports and Sports Science at the University of Freiburg


In-service training and further education

12.12.2018 MEBEKO (Swiss Medical Professions Commission) Confirmation of recognition of the federal further education title of general practitioner

2008 Certificate for 3-year improvisational theatre training

2005 Qualification to lead coaching and supervision groups for teachers, Freiburg model according to Prof. Joachim Bauer, Psychosomatic University Hospital Freiburg

11.2.2005 Title Specialist in General Medicine from the Baden-Württemberg Medical Association

2002-2004 EMDR training at the Institute for Trauma Therapy Berlin (IT)

6.1.2004 Certificate EMDR Therapist

2000-2003 Training MEG, clinical hypnosis

29.10.2003 Certificate MEG Clinical Hypnosis

6-9/2002 Motivational conversation according to Miller & Rollnick in the context of the Combine Psychotherapy procedure, alcoholism specific psychotherapy

1996-2000 Basic and advanced course systemic couple and family therapy, FFAK (Freiburg Family Therapy Working Group)

1993-1998 Further training for the additional title of psychotherapy

4.12.1998 Additional title in psychotherapy from the Medical Association of Baden-Württemberg

1996-1997 advanced training in behavioral therapy with Prof. Buchkremer, WiT (WissensTransfer Universitätsbund Tübingen)

1995-1998 Further training in depth psychological psychotherapy for the additional title of psychotherapy with Prof. Wirsching, University Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychosomatics Freiburg

30.4.1996 Basic Psychosomatic Care, University Clinic for Psychosomatics Freiburg

15.1.1999 Recognition of the additional title homeopathy by the Medical Association of Baden-Württemberg

1999-2011 Foundation and moderation of the Quality Circle Behavioural Therapy Freiburg

1995-2011 Foundation and moderation of the Quality Circle Hypnotherapy Freiburg

21.12.1995 Title "Practical Doctor" from the State Medical Association of Baden-Württemberg, South Baden District Medical Association


Congresses and speakers, various further training courses__

13.03.2020 Facilitation and training for improvisation and spontaneity with the Office for Youth and Career Counselling Zurich

13-14.12.2019 Speaker of the workshop "Develop your strength", WILOB, Continuing Education Institute for solution-oriented therapy and counselling, Lenzburg

18-19.11.2019 Speaker of the workshop "Develop your strength", Hypnosystemic therapy and tapping techniques in combination, IEF Zurich, Institute for system


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8405 Winterthur, Switzerland