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Michele Ritterman

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This is my hope for future clinicians and my dream for all of us now, to find together: To create Societies that Heal. HUMAN FRIENDLY societies. Guided by the needs of Mamma Earth. That we healers contribute to the development of what I call an Ecology of Heart. CO-NURTURING each individual`s INNER MOTHER EARTH.

I am a female Ph.D. Psychology professor, innovator, author and world lecturer who hopes to offer other caring clinicians a special model of therapy.  One that from its roots encompasses the GLOBAL context, the social, the familial and both the CONTEXTs and hierarchies OF conscious and unconscious MIND.  

My dream has always been that we healers may somehow play a role in approaching each human being as a one of a kind:  With curiosity and wonder.  Humor and love.

This model offers a non-static/view of a “symptom”, a look at the problem-in-motion, in interaction, in play, in its unique manifestations, and if possible in its intimate interactions, right in our room/zoom-room) That we find a way to keep a sense of the "wow-ness" that we have the privilege of working with a member of the species at this time, who need not be pathologized, but appreciated, as a cross section of the world AT THIS TIME.  And also as this being is IN unique-interactional-relationship with us!---the would-be-healers.

That Therapy offers a COOPERATIVE exchange,---different in that regard from my mentors and predecessors.  That it need not be top-down---- “I know it all” “father (or mother) knows best” ----but rather a  reciprocal and mutually dignifying process…THE ANTHROPOLOGICAL TERM FOR THIS DANCE IS PRESTATION:  A sequential respectful mutual exchange of gifts.  A uniquely MOTHERING model, a MODEL of our (my phrase: "INNER Mother Earth").   In this way, it is my dream that we can contribute as healers to the saving of our species and the preservation of Mother Earth, by tapping into that internalized earth-being-ness , as it manifests in every human, who comes to us offering the SACRED gift of their SUFFERING.  

COVID and wars-without-end have begun to make it clear to us all that we miss the mark when we ignore global realities that affect us all, right there in our Zoom/Room.

That we have the right to be activists for the basic human right to stand against further traumatizing by family members, by racialized/religious groups that would persecute, break people down, destroy, or simply not love.  

We have the right to do what I had the privilege to affirm with LACT at a recent keynote, the right to PRESERVE ENDANGERED EMOTIONS (such as empathy and compassion). Just as those who’ve studied forests or water or animal species for their entire lives are now fighting To preserve what is beautiful here on earth and to outgrow the over use and abuse of all resources, for the good of a few.

In previous conferences I was privileged to be invited to encourage other therapists around the world to explore this theme with me:  What role can therapists play to help create Societies that Heal , not societies that destroy or just help the few to the detriment of the masses.

How do we ----with like-minded others in all the fields of the world---become the guardians of HUMAN FRIENDLY societies FRIENDLY to Mamma Earth.  Perceiving each Human symptom as a key to understanding what this is:  A gift.  


for more information visit:

Dr. Michele Ritterman ARCHIVES - Mindbodyology

Berkeley, Kalifornien 94703, USA

Unwinding. The poetry of Michele Ritterman from the last 45 years.


Chapter on Fast New Stance Using The he Slow-Mo Three Minute Trance From Michael Hoyt’s Single Session Therapies.


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Published Reviews and Interviews written about Michele and by Michele

Sufi Newsletter interview by Jamal Granick, 2009.

2005 review of Sex, Love and Violence by Cloe Madanes for MHE newsletter

2004 review of Kay Thompson’s book for MHE newsletter

2004- Front page interview with Michele Ritterman by the Erickson Foundation Newletter, Vol. 24, No.2, Summer 2004. Interview by Sharon McLaughlin, M.A.


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Audio-tapes and CD’s Available from

2005 First of their kind CD’s on Shared Couples Trances for, evolved from my own special concept of family and couple trances as natural occurances that may be used or abused by therapists and the world at large.

2004 “The Problem of Human Evil,” from the Erickson Foundation lecture, Dec. 2004 and Dec. 2003 Ericksonian Cut to the Chase Couples Therapy, for the Erickson Foundation in Phoenix and SF respectively.

8/25/03 Radio interview by Larry Bensky on KPFA on relationships at the turn of the century

"Poetry and Hypnotist Values," From the Erickson Foundation, Tape E297-IB, December, 1992

"Working with Children and Families," From the Erickson Foundation, Tape number 320-142 A and B, 1983.

Television and Educational Video-tapes and DVD’s available

2021 Conversations with Eva on youtube. German colleague using Satyr model converses with Michele Ritterman on her variation of Ericksonian-Contextual Psychotherapy.

2014 Major appearance in The Wizard of the Desert, Alex Vasely and Noetic Films Production about closest students and dearest friends of Dr. Milton H. Erickson, M.D., Ph.D.

DVD on “The Problem of Human Evil”DVD on workshops on couples in Rottweil and Bad Orb Germany with live couples interviews.

1997, Featured guest on Primetime NBC's Maureen O'Boyle show on Hypnosis, New York, February 3,

1997."The Suicidal Young Woman," in English with Spanish subtitles, teaching tape available from Ritterman.

From "Peacemakers," Los Angeles, Cable Television, two-parts, one on therapists and the hate movements, including part of poetic induction in favor of human decency, one on hypnosis and family therapy, 1993.

From "People Are Talking," Interview segments on Torture, 1988, San Francisco. Available from Ritterman.

National and International Lectures, Seminars, Speeches and Workshops

2017-2021 Consultations with Costa Rican clinicians and others around the world and counseling sessions globally by zoom

2019-2021 Teaching many advanced classes and Special Covid class for LACT

2021 Zoom conference for Texas Society of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

2013, January: Mental Research Institute Workshop the integration of Hypnosis and Family Therapy

2012 October Invited Guest workshop leader Germany Bremen International Hypnosis Association

2011 November Keynote and two workshops Puebla, Mexico Psychological Association of Mexico

2010 Taoist Conference in Oakland, “Stance, Trance and Transmission: Responding to the Moment

2010 CAMFT presentation “Healing the Femine Psyche

2009 Book Party at Passages for Tao of a Woman Workshop at John F. Kennedy University, “Observing Naturally Occurring Trance States in Couples and Couples’ Therapy”

2009 July 24-26 workshop to be given for Esalen on working with couples therapy

2009 August invited to Italian Erickson Congress

2008 Workshop for the Networker in Washington D.C.

2008 Workshop on couples therapy in Madrid for Erickson Foundation

2007 Book Party at Elephant Pharmacy for Woman’s Wisdom book
October, 2006, S.F. Workshop on Invisible Therapy for the First West Coast Networker conference

2006 Eight Week Continuing Education Course for Therapists, Body Workers and Educators on Maximizing the Healing Power of Connection

September 2006- Three Day workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel on developing clinical thinking about couples and family therapy and

2006 Workshops for the Milton H Erickson Foundation of Germany in Bad Orb March 16-19 and Rottweil

2006 workshop for the Milton H Erickson Foundation in Bern, Switzerland

2005 April 15-17 NYSEPH master class Ericksonian Couples Therapy: What’s Love Got to Do With It

2002-2003 Ericksonian Hypnotherapy in Couples Work: What's Love Got to do With It," a two ten week workshops for the Milton
H. Erickson Institute of the Bay Area and for Continuing Education Credit for all Ph.D. Psychologist.

2001-2005 Eight Week Continuing Education Workshops in Oakland and Berkeley on Couples Therapy for Ph.D. Psychologists only

2004 Keynote on The Problem Of Human Evil for The Milton H. Erickson Foundation of the Bay Area and

2004 Lecture on Spiritual Awakening for the Milton H. Erickson Foundation of Phoenix, AZ.

2004 Couples Therapy Course in Phoenix for Erickson Foundation

2004 Two day workshop on Brief Therapy with Couples, Guadalajara, Mexico

2004 Workshop on Brief Therapy with Couples for the Universidad Nacional de Mexico, Mexico City.

2004 3- day worskhop on couple trances in Tel Aviv Israel

2004 workshops on Spiritual Awakening and Couples Therapy, Phoenix AZ MHE Foundation

2002-2004 "Ericksonian Hypnotherapy in Couples Work: What's Love Got to do With It," a two ten week workshops for the Milton H. Erickson Institute of the Bay Area and for Continuing Education Credit for all Ph.D. Psychologist.

2001 Two Day Workshop on Couples Therapy, Guadalajara, Mexico

2000 Erickson Congress Presenter, Phoenix, AZ


  • 1997
    (November) Chile
    (March) "Demystifying Hypnosis," Family Therapy Networker Symposium, WA, D.C.


  • 1996

"Life Intruding on Theory: Working with Couples as One's Own Marriage is Unraveling," Meetings of the American Family
Therapy Academy

(September) "Working with Time and Trance," Association of Family Therapists of Northern California

(May) Keynote Speaker on "Promoting a Positive Social Force," U.C. Davis Conference on Gender Violence

(May) Keynote Speaker on "Promoting a Positive Social Force," U.C. Davis Conference on Gender Violence

(October) "Stopping the Clock: Recapturing Time in Healing," Eugene, Oregon

(October) "Time Space and Synchronicity in Family Therapy," New Mexico Psychological Association

Bay Area Marriage and Family Counselors

First Hospital of Valejo

  • 1994

Erickson Congress in Phoenix and L.A.

Family Therapy Networker Conference in D.C. and Minnesota

  • 1993

(July) "Love and Other Difficulties: Making Relationships Work," Cape Cod Summer Symposia

(June) Integrating Hypnosis and Family Therapy," First Hospital of Vallejo, CA

(May) "Psychotherapists and State Terror," Orthopsychiatry Panel, S.F., CA

(May) "Abusive Family Trances," "Countering Negative Entrancement in Psychotherapy," "Political Opression as Mass Trance: Breaking the Spells of Cynicism and Hate," and "Couples: Romancing Your Spouse," Clinical Hypnosis Society of Canada,
Banff, Canada

(January) "Hypnosis in Marital and Family Therapy," For Treating Abuse Today, Seattle, WA

  • 1992

(May) "La Familia y Sugestiones Hipnoticas," (In Spanish), Buenos Aires, Argentina

(May) "La Familia y Sugestiones Hipnoticas," (In Spanish), Santiago, Chile

  • 1991

(November) "Using Hypnosis in Marital and Family Therapy," Catholic Social Services Masters in Residence Series, San Rafael,

(September) "Hope Under Siege: The Power of Family in Times of Social Crises," International Structural Family Therapy
Conference, Philadelphia, PA

(April) Presenter for Conference: "The California Edge: Psychological Interventions in the '90s," Asilomar, California

  • 1990

(October) "Using Hypnosis in Marital and Family Therapy," Springfield, MO

(May) "Hipnosis y Terapia Familiar: Sus Estrechas Vinculaciones,"

(In Spanish), Santiago, Chile, International Conference on
Families (March)

(March) "Using Hypnosis in Marital and Family Therapy," for Treating Abuse Today, Seattle, WA

  • 1989

(February) "Breaking the Negative Trance: Recovery From Social and Family Inductions," Northern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis

  • 1988

(November) Book Tour for Liebe und Terror throughout Western Germany

  • 1987

(October) "Family Therapists and Human Rights" Family Therapy Networker Conference in Washington, D.C.

(August) "Denouncing Torture," for Australian Amnesty International

(August) "Integrating Hypnosis and Family Therapy," Australia, for the Australian Hypnosis Society, and the Australian Family
Therapy Association

(July) Family Therapy Supervision, Capetown, South Africa and Consultation with survivors of torture in Soweto
(March) "Families Under Siege," Association of Family Therapists of Northern California

(July) Family Therapy Live Supervision, Capetown, South Africa

(June) "Using Hypnosis in Family Therapy," New York Milton H. Erickson Society (NYSEPH)

(October) "Can Therapists Entrance Society?" Rome, Italy, First International Conference on Hypnosis and Family Therapy

(July) "Using Hypnosis in Family and Marital Therapy," Houston, TX

(May) "Hypnotic Phenomena in Families," Annual Prominent Speaker Series for the Coastal Community Counseling Center of MA

(March) "Using Hypnosis in Family Therapy," Arlington, VA

(March) "Hypnosis in Family Therapy," Southeast Institute Spring Conference, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

(January) Family Therapy Workshop and Demonstrations, Eugene Center for Psychological Services, Oregon (January)

(January) "Symptoms and Effects of Repression Among Salvadoran Refugees," Council for Human Rights in Latin America,

  • 1984

(December) "Expanding Systems Theory: A Look at Victims of War, Refugees and Torture Victims," Association of Family
Therapy of Northern California

(November-December) "Utilization Approaches to Hypnotic Induction and Suggestion," and "Trance and Action: Mental
States, Rights and Action," for the Erickson Congress, L.A., CA

(November) "Breaking the Spell of a Dysfunctional Rapport and The Symptom as a Gift," Workshop, Milwaukee Psychiatric

(October) "Family Therapy and Hypnosis," Workshop in Germany

(September) "Family Therapy Seminar," for Tri-Cities Alternatives of San Francisco (October) "Family Therapy and Hypnosis,"
Workshop for German Family Service Association of America, Asilimar, CA, with East and West Germans toward

(October) "Celebrating Children," The Casey Family Program and the Child Welfare League of America, Helena, Montana

(September) "Hypnotic Influence within the Family," San Francisco Academy of Hypnosis

(August) "Hypnosis for Refugees and Terror Survivors," Heredia, Costa Rica

(June) "Using Hypnosis in Family Therapy," Glendale Family Service Western Regional Institute

(June) "Families and Hypnosis," Family Service Association of America, Asilimar, CA

(May) "Hypno-Structural Family Therapy," Eugene Psychological Services Center, Eugene, OR

(May) "Using Hypnosis in Family Therapy," Eastfield Children's Center, California

(May) "Hypnosis and Structural Family Therapy: Integration and Live Supervision Applications," Eugene Institute, Eugene, Oregon

(February)"Hypnotic Techniques for Family Therapists," NIFTY, Seattle, WA

(February) "Hypnotic Techniques with Single Parent Families,"

  • 1983

(October) "Using Hynosis with Families," California Graduate School of Marital and Family Therapy, Marin, CA

(September) "Hypnotic Techniques in Systems Therapy," Sudbury Algoma Hospital, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

(June) "Hemophilia in context," Association of Family Therapy of Northern California

(May) "Suicide, a Case Study," Video Presentation and Lecture to Northern California Hypnosis Society

(May) "Symptoms as a Reflection of the Individual in Family and Social Contexts," Ghost Ranch Conference, New Mexico

(January) "Adapting Therapeutic Strategy to a Particular Case," Northland Mental Health Center, Hibbing, Minnesota 1982

"Using Hypnosis in Family Therapy," Workshop for NIFTY, Seattle, WA

"Structural and Strategic Therapies," Workshop for Family Service Association of California

"Ericksonian Contributions to Family Therapy," for MRI

"Hemophilia in Context: Preliminary Considerations," for the Mental Research Institute (MRI) of Palo Alto, CA "Hemophilia in
Context: Preliminary Considerations," for the Mental Research Institute (MRI) of Palo Alto, CA

"Three Levels of the Symptom Metaphor," Workshop at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

"Hypnosis in Family Treatment," Workshop in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

  • 1981

"Hypnosis by Hypnotist, Family Members and the Family Therapist," Northern California Family Therapy Institute

  • 1980

"Hypno-Structural Family Therapy," Two eight week Seminars for the North-West Family Therapy Training Institute (NIFTY),
Seattle, Washington

"Adjunctive Hypnosis in the Treatment of Hemophilia," Pacific North-West Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation

  • 1979

"Hyperactivity: Diagnosis and Management," Psychiatry Grand Rounds, University of Washington, Seattle

"Parent and Family Involvement in Rehabilitation," Juvenile Rehabilitation Training Conference, Seattle, Washington

"The Use of Hypnotherapy to Facilitate Change in Families," Seattle, Washington, Mental Health North "Concepts and
Techniques of Structural Family Therapy," Everett Family Counseling Center

"Concepts in Diagnosis and Management of Hyperactivity: Hospital of Philadelphia

"Concepts in Diagnosis and Management of Hyperactivity: Hospital of Philadelphia

A Systems Perspective," Pediatric Grand Rounds, Children's

A Systems Perspective," Pediatric Grand Rounds, Children's

Poetry Published

2001--"The Outlyer's Song," Peralta Press, 2001, Oakland, CA.

1994--"The Accountant," The Sagarin Review, St. Louis, MO.

1993--"The Therapist," Voices

1993--"Young Love," Anabasis

1993--"Birthright," The Sagarin Review, St. Louis, MO.1992--"Dad" 1991--"Decisions of the Head, Not of the Heart," The St.
Louis Jewish Light, March 27, p. 24, MO.

1992--"Dad" and "I Asked the Carpenter," The Sagarin Review, Vol. Two, p. 19, St. Louis, MO.

1990--"A Kind of Light," in Hope Under Siege, Ablex, Norwood, NJ.

1981--"A Little Camp," The Catalyst, August-September, Seattle, Washington.

1966--"The Last Job for St. Clair," Quixote Magazine, Vol. 1, Number 5, Madison, WI.

1966--"A Woman is Waiting," Quixote Magazine, Vol. 1, Number 4, Madison, WI.

1963--"The Family Teaches Society's Values," Winner Honorable Mention Junior Division Wednesday Club Poetry contest,
Washington University, MO.

As Yet Unpublished Novel : Awakening Deborah Goodman (completed 2006).

Academic and Research Positions

1995-2002 Adjunct Professor at Alliant University teaching Couples Therapy and Law and Ethics in Psychology and
Educational Psychology courses

1982 Editorial Board Sistemas Familiares, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1982 Weekly Supervisor and Consultant for Family Services
of Marin

1983 Editorial Board Ericksonian Monographs 2001-2005 Private Consultation to Israeli Therapist in Tel Aviv, December.

1979 Adjunct Professor, Antioch College North West, Seattle, WA

1979 Acting Instructor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry, University of Washington and the Children Hospital of Seattle, WA:
Focus on Training of Pediatric Residents in Child and Family Development and Stimulating Research on adjunctive family
hypnosis in the treatment of hemophilia

1976-1979 Developer of Research in children's Hospital on Adolescent Obesity and Adjunctive Family and Hypnotherapeutic Treatment of the Psychosomatic components of Hemophilia and Thalassemia

1980 Recipient of an Outstanding Woman of the Year Award

1977-1979 Recipient of Research Grant from CIBA Pharmaceutical Company

1977-1979 Recipient of Two Year NIMH Fellowship for Research on Hyperactive Children and Their Families

Clinical Training, Research and Consultation

2017-2021 Consultations with Costa Rican clinicians and others around the world and counseling sessions globally by zoom

2019-2021 Teaching many advanced classes and Special Covid class for LACT 2

2001-2004 Therapist, Team Case and Psycho-educational Consultation for Lincoln Child Center

1995-1999 Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies, S.F., CA

1993-April expert Witness in the Case of the Wrongful Death of Steven Wilson

1993 Head of American Family Therapy Association Interest Group on Integration of Family Therapy and Hypnosis

1993-1997 Consultant to Lincoln Childcare Residential Center for Adolescents

1992-1997 Monthly Consultant, Through the Looking Glass, Serving the Disabled and their Families, El Cerrito, CA 1983

Head of American Family Therapy Task Force on Human Rights

1982 Weekly Consultant to Contra Costa Hospital at Martinez 1981-2004 Private Practice Clinician, Oakland, CA

1981 Psychologist and Head of Family Therapy Program for Kaiser, Richmond, Psychiatry Department, California

1980-1982 conducted and pioneered the first Private Live-Supervision Training Groups in Using Hypnosis in Family Therapy, Oakland California

1979-1980 Private Practice Clinician, Bothell, WA

1979 consultant to Hi-Line West Seattle Mental Health: Focus on Single Parent Families

1978-1979 Consultant to Montgomery county Probation Department, Pennsylvania

1976-1979 Developer of Research in children's Hospital on Adolescent Obesity and Adjunctive Family and Hypnotherapeutic Treatment of the Psychosomatic components of Hemophilia and Thalessemia

1976-1979 Consultant to Physicians and Nurses in Case Management at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

1976-1979 Psychological Consultant, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Adolescent Inpatient and Outpatient Units, GI Clinic, and Hematology

Clinic Staff Psychologist and Supervisor, Trainer in Extern Program, Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic

1975-1978 Administrator of a three year research comparing Drug and Family Therapy Treatments of Hyperactive Boys, ages 6-11

1975-1976 Externship Training Supervisor and Seminar Leader, Philadelphia Child Guidance Clinic

1970-1972 Co-founded and Co-ran—with American Friends Service Committee and Vista Funding—an Alternative School for Drop-out and Delinquent Youth, ages 12-18, Madison, WI

1969-1970 Taught Public High School, Verona, Wisconsin

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