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Shaul Navon

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Dr. Shaul Navon,

 from Tel Aviv, Israel is a senior medical psychologist and a senior licensed hypnotherapist. He holds a Ph.D degree in Psychology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.

Dr. Shaul Navon was the Director of the Rehabilitation Psychology Services at the Tel Aviv Medical Center, which is a major medical center in Israel. There, Dr. Navon initiated hypnotherapy and CBT services at the Gastroenterological and the Rheumatology institutes.

Dr. Navon is an active and creative practitioner in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. He have directed many workshops in many congresses and conferences on hypnosis in Europe and in the USA. He is active in publishing papers in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in distinguished professional journals. Among his published papers, he created and developed the Illness/Non-Illness Model: Hypnotherapy for physically-ill patients. He was awarded for this publication at the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis - the Best Paper Award for 2014.

Dr. Navon published recently two novel and original paper in hypnotherapy and in psychotherapy:


Navon, S., Meyerson, J., Lahav. Y. (2018). Two-Track Differentiation    

                Paradigm in Psychotherapy. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy.

                Volume 48, Issue I, 27–32.           


Navon, S. (2018). Two Are Better than One: Dual-Track Interventions in

                Hypnotherapy. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis. 60: 348–356.


Since these two distinguished publications, Dr, Navon was invited to be one of the organizers of the 5th International conference on Oxidative Stress Diseases and Cognitive Research on August 27-28, 2018 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Theme: Advances of Redox Biology in Human Diseases.

In this conference, Dr. Navon was invited to be a Keynote Speaker, to give a keynote address and to be the chair of the opening session of this distinguished conference.

Dr Navon was awarded by the Israeli Society of Hypnosis the Distinguished Honor for the Advancement of Hypnosis in Israel.

Dr. Navon was recently nominated to the Board of Directors at the European Society of Hypnosis (ESH).

Tel Aviv, ישראל
Presentations/ teachings

Tel Aviv University – Department of Social Sciences

Tel Aviv University – School of Social Work

The Buchman-Mehta Music Academy – Tel Aviv University

Teaching many workshops in Europe and in the USA on hypnotherapy with various mental-psychological and medical problems


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American Society of Clinical Hypnosis Award