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Stephane Radoykov

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English, French, Bulgarian, Spanish

I graduated as a medical doctor in 2019, with a psychiatry specialty. I work as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. My training included theoretical and practical experience in a variety of healthcare institutions. I have received extensive training in clinical hypnosis, brief therapy and solution oriented therapy. I work with people who suffer from difficulties in dealing with their past, present or future, and who have a hard time dealing with emotions. I work with patients and their families towards a mutually agreed upon goal. I also graduated in 2013 with a Master degree in management. I very much enjoy teaching and public speaking.


Initial training

2007 Louis-Le-Grand High School, Scientific baccalaureate
2012-2014 ESSEC Business School, Master of Science in Management
2007-2019 Paris Descartes University Medical Doctor (M.D.), specialty in psychiatry


Continuing education
• 2012, Basic hypnosis workshop, American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, 20 hours
• 2013, Basic introduction in Hypnosis, Hypnoteeth, Paris, 6 hours
• 2014-2016, TACT tools training, La Rochelle, 63 hours
• 2014, private supervision training with Dabney M Ewin, MD, New Orleans, 40 hours
• 2014, supervision with François Roustang, 3.5 hours
• 2015, hypnosis introduction by Philippe Aim MD, organization, Paris, 2.5 hours
• 2016, co-organized and translated a hypnosis conference by Mark Jensen PhD, Paris, 2 hours
• 2016, advanced training in hypnosis with Jeffrey Zeig PhD, Rennes, 25.5 hours
• 2016, advanced training in hypnosis with Gaston Brosseau, Paris, 12 hours
• 2017, University Degree in clinical hypnosis, University Paris Sud, Paris, 96 hours
• 2017-2018, Teacher’s training in clinical hypnosis and brief therapy, Emergences, Rennes, 129 hours
• 2018, Teacher’s training, clinical hypnosis, Emergences Rennes, 14 hours
• 2018, Hypnosis for eating disorders, Emergences, Paris, 15 hours
• 2018, Hypnosis for smoking cessation, Emergences, Paris, 14 hours
• 2018, Basic training in Ego State Therapy, Emergences, Rennes, 22,5 hours
• 2018, Grief hypnosis therapy training, Emergences, Paris, 15 hours
• 2019, Teacher’s training, clinical hypnosis, Emergences Rennes, 21 hours
• 2020, Certificate in clinical hypnosis delivered by the French Society of Hypnosis (Confédération francophone d’hypnose et thérapie brève)


Congress attendance
• 2013, Terra Hypnosia Congress, CFHTB, Strasbourg, 18.5 hours
• 2013, International Congress on Hypnosis in Medicine, Budapest, 23 hours
• 2014, Hypnosis & Pain congress, Emergences, La Rochelle, 21 hours
• 2014, organization of the first Hypnocrate Congress, Paris, 7 hours
• 2015, World hypnosis congress, volunteers manager, ISH, Paris, 28 hours
• 2015, Hypnoteeth congress, Sevilla, 14 hours
• 2016, Hypnosis & Pain congress, Emergences, Saint-Malo, 22,5 hours
• 2016, Addiction and hypnosis congress, Mimethys, Nantes, 22.5 hours
• 2018, Trauma and hypnosis congress, Mimethys, Nantes, 22 hours
• 2018 Hypnosis and brief therapy magazine congress, Paris, 7 hours
• 2020 Encéphale psychiatry congress, Paris, 21 hours


Medical experience - Resident in psychiatry 2015-2019
EPS B. Durand, Secteur 91 G 01, service de psychiatrie adulte du Dr Sixou

CH JM Charcot, Secteur 78 i 05, CMPE Maurepas du Dr Benmouffok

ATRT Paris/Ivry Centre de réadaptation par le travail, service du Dr Dhote

CH JM Charcot, Equipe Rapide d’Intervention et de Crise à Plaisir (78), service du Dr Zeltner

Hôpital Cochin, Psychiatrie ambulatoire, service du Pr Granger (1 year)

ESMPI Vaugirard MGEN, consultation et hôpital de jour (Groupe Entre-Deux) sous la responsabilité du Dr Collomb

Centre Parc de St-Cloud CIDE, consultation, psychodrame et hôpital de jour pour enfants et adolescents




Paris, France

• Data collection for Hequet et al., "Reasons of not having breast reconstruction: a historical cohort of 1937 breast cancer patients undergoing mastectomy", Springerplus 2013; 2:325; DOI LINK.

• Radoykov S, "Jeunesse et hypnose médicale", Hypnose et Thérapie Brève, N°34 : août/septembre/octobre 2014 ; ISSUE LINK

• Translation of: Gilligan S, "Transe générative : le grand voyage de l’inconscient.", Hypnose et Thérapie Brève, N°34 : août/septembre/octobre 2014 ; ISSUE LINK

• Radoykov S & Amroun S, Chapter "Interventions fondées sur l’hypnose", in « Psychiatrie de liaison », coordinated by Lemogne et al., ISBN 9782257206923, Paris, Lavoisier, 2018, PUBLISHER WEBPAGE.

• Radoykov S, "In times of crisis, anticipate mourning", Encephale, 2020 Jun, 46(3):231, doi: 10.1016/j.encep.2020.03.002

• Granger B et al., Chapter "Enjeux relationnels dans les troubles mentaux", in "Psychiatrie (Les cahiers infirmiers)", Elsevier Masson, 2020, ISBN 9782294770562

  • Radoykov S, Becchio J, Lachal J, "Training of healthcare professionals in clinical hypnosis: A qualitative study", Encephale, 2020, in press, DOI 10.1016/j.encep.2020.04.015
Presentations/ teachings

2013-2019, Various medical schools, Introductory workshop in hypnosis, with Dr Amroun, 4h

• 2015-2019, Paris Medical School, Small group teaching using roleplay in English (simulation)

• 2019, Paris Sud Medical school, Hypnosis in difficult situations, 4h

• 2019, Nice Medical School, Hypnosis and psychopathology, 6h

• 2019, Physician assistants, Anxiety Disorders, 2h

• 2019, Medical school, CBT, 1h

• 2019, Physician assistants, Acute anxiety, 2 hours

• 2019, Nursing school, Various types of interventions in psychiatry, 2h

• 2019, Nursing school, Anxiety Disorders, 2h

• 2019, Nursing school, CBT, 1h


In-hospital teaching
• 2019, EHPAD Le Grand Chêne (Saint-Varent), communication skills for twenty professionals, 3 days


Speaking / Lectures
• 2018, "Difficult situations in psychiatry, 5 step process", Hypnosis & Pain congress, Emergences, Saint-Malo
• 2018, "Difficult situations in psychiatry, 5 step process", World hypnosis congress, ISH, Montreal, Canada
• 2018, "Difficult situations in psychiatry, 5 step process", Parts Therapy Congress, invited by Bernhard Trenkle, Heidelberg
• 2018, Young anesthesiologists congress, "Hypnosis - illusion or obligation"
• 2018, "How to improve access to hypnosis for future medical generations", CFHTB national meeting, Paris
• 2019, "Hypnosis in medicine", Paris Descartes medical school, ISNI event on complementary therapies
• 2019, Brest, "Hypnosis in psychiatry", Teaching seminar for young psychiatry residents

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