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Jens von Lindeiner

Last name
von Lindeiner
German, English

Jens von Lindeiner started his professional life as a bank clerk with a parallel evening degree in business administration (VWA). As a manager in the Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken, he had the most fun supporting his employees in their development and success. And so he found his first profession in "communication to the outside world" as a business coach and NLP teaching trainer (DVNLP).

It wasn't until the late start of his psychology studies that he got to know and appreciate a wide variety of medical and psychotherapeutic hypnotherapy therapies.

Meanwhile, Mr. von Lindeiner works as a graduate psychologist in his second profession "internal communication" on the one hand as a hypnotherapy therapist in his own practice and on the other hand as a hypnosis trainer in his own HiQ institute, as well as e.g. for the DGZH (German Society for Dental Hypnosis). He sees his involvement in the board of the DGZH as a contribution to establishing hypnosis as a scientific communication discipline across the board in medical professions. In his view, dental hypnosis in particular combines traditional techniques with optimal communication.

As part of his HiQ institute, he attaches great importance to the development of hypnosis techniques and concepts that are reduced to the bare minimum, most effective in terms of age and location, and lead to positive external communication. In his first book: "Strengthening the soul with HiQ", he describes how everyone can recognize and activate their own potential through hypnosis.

Duisburg, Deutschland
Presentations/ teachings