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Christine Guilloux

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DESS Psychologie Sociale Clinique
French, English

Christine Guilloux, DESS , Vice-President of the French Society of Hypnosis, Founder-President of the Milton H. Erickson Institute Ile-de- France, is a psychologist, consultant and trainer in practice in Paris, France. She practices therapy face to face with adults, adolescents and families and when needed, by visio.

Her roots as a therapist are: Ericksonian Hypnosis through French Ericksonian Institutes and the Milton H. Erickson Foundation in Phoenix; Brief Therapy through the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto and the Bateson Institute in Liège, Belgium. She has been trained in EMDR with Francine Shapiro, in EMI with Danie Beaulieu, in Somatic Experiencing with Peter Levine and Larry Heller, in Thought Field Therapy with Roger Callahan.

Christine writes professional articles in the journal Hypnose et Thérapies Brèves, and in newsletters such as the European Society of Hypnosis and the Milton H. Erickson Foundation. She has translated Healing the divided self by Maggie Phillips and Claire Frederick, and writes poetry and essays which span a variety of disciplines, people, visions. She organizes exhibits and workshops at La Maison des Ormes in Burgundy, leads personal awareness groups and teaches hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

Christine has teached Narrative Medicine to medical students at René Descartes University in Paris. Christine Guilloux aims at living every day as a weaver of the human web », connecting individuals, groups, cultures and continents, with therapeutic modalities that acilitate human potential and growth.

Paris, France

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