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Enrica L. Santarcangelo

Enrica L.
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Italian, English

Enrica Laura Santarcangelo was born in Formicola (CE, Italy) in 1956.

She obtained her medical degree at the University of Pisa (1980), where she was a student at the Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e di Perfezionamento S. Anna (degree in 1981).

The she obtained her specialization degree in Clinical Psychology (1985) and her PhD degree in Antropology and Physiology (1989) at the University of Siena.

After some years of private practice as a clinical psychologist during which she participated in studies of signal analysis (Institute of Clinical Physiology of Pisa CNR) she began her experimental research on the mind-body axis at  the University of Pisa where she serves as an Associate Professor of Physiology.

Her research interests are the physiological correlates of hypnotizability and their behavioural relevance. In particular, her studies concern the hypnotizability-related differences in  autonomic control, sensory-motor integration and the functional equivalence between  imagery and perception. Her work allows to suggest a) a role of the cerebellum in a few sensorimotor aspects and of the imagery abilities of the individuals with high hypnotisability scores; b) lower cardiovascular vulnerability , c) lower responsiveness of the μ1 receptors, d) major role of interoception in these subjects.

Pisa, Italy
Member of ISH


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