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Susanna Carolusson

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MSc Psychology
Swedish, English

Susanna Carolusson has 35 years of mostly clinical practice and also some reseach in; psychotherapy, psychosomatics, family and organisational psychology, clinical supervision and editorial work. She has been a director of education programs in management, psychotherapy with hypnosis and ego state therapy, body therapy, teacher- and supervisor training programs and leadership training in communication, conflict management and stress management. From 2018 she spends part time with clients, part time engaged as a teacher and supervisor in hypnosis, EST and supervision/teaching. Engagements abroad have increased in frequency.

Susannas international teaching seminars: Madrid 1994, Athens 1996 (LM Ericsson managers from all over the world), (On topics as;) Hypnosis, ethics, training, gender, ego state therapy, supervision: Budapest 1996, San Diego 1997, Zürich 1997, Lausanne 1998, Nordwijkerhuit Netherlands 1999, Munich 2000, Gothenburg (International Conference in psychosomatic Medicine) 2001, Sofia, Bulgaria 2001, Rome 2003, Oslo 2004, Malta 2006, Milan 2006, Kathmandu Nepal 2008, Copenhagen 2008, Bari, Italy 2008, Vienna 2008, Rome 2009, Sun City & Cape Town S Africa 2010, London 2011, Helsinki, Finland 2011, Copenhagen 2011, Istanbul 2011, Heidelberg 2011, Glasgow 2012, Bremen 2012, Pretoria & Franschoek, S Africa 2013, Rome 2014, Paris 2015, Heidelberg 2015, Lodz, Poland 2017,  Manchester 2017,  Lodz Poland 2018, Valencia Spain 2018, St Petersburg Russia May and Dec 2018, Montreal Canada 2018,Valencia Febr and Oct 2018,  Toronto Canada 2019, Lodz Poland 2019, Hungary, Budapest, 2019, Poland 2020.

Degrees: MSc 1984. Lic Psychologist 1987. Lic Psychotherapist: 1989. Hypnosis 4 years training 1977-1982. Body Oriented Psychotherapy 1980-1985. Further educations: All the time!

Her work CV: 1974-1980: Parent training, family support, school and pre-school projects for children with behaviour problems, psychological-social-neurological differential diagnosis and family-child-teacher support. 1984: pediatric hospital, child psychologist, neurological-cognitive assessments and case consultant for pedagogs, speech therapists, physicians. 1985: Family therapist. 1985-1987: Psychologist at Mental Hospital, diagnosing brain injuries, clinical treatment w adult psychiatric patients. 1987: Started private practice. Hypnosis in psychosomatic and medical problems; tinnitus, arthritis, epilepsy and in psychotherapy. 1987-1993: President of SSCH Western branch. 1987-2018: Director of SSCH hypnosis trainings. 1989-2001: Director of a management /leadership training program at LM Ericsson Co. 1992-1998: Employed and supervised four psychologists at her institute. 1994-2005: Founded and directed a 4 years University accredited psychotherapist training program with hypnosis as an adjunct. 1996: A son had a severe brain injury, 1996-2005: SSCH delegate in Council of Representatives (COR) of International Society of Hypnosis (ISH). 1996-2012: Ass. Editor of HypnosNytt. 1999: Honorary Member of Western comp of SSCH “for outstanding contributions in disseminating and teaching hypnosis worldwide”. 2002-2005: Clinical consultant and therapist in IBS – hypnosis research at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. 2003-still: Teaching regularly about brain injury, rehab and existence. 2005: Diploma as a University supervisor and teacher of psychotherapists. 2006 – 2017: COR in European Society of Hypnosis (ESH). 2006-2009: President of SSCH. 2006-2018: Chair of the SSCH foundation in memory of M H Erickson. 2007-2008: member of the advisory board of the 11th European Congress of Hypnosis. 2011- 2016: Vice president of Ego State Therapy International. 2013-2014: Editor of HypnosNytt. 2013-still: In Advisory committee of Membership Credentials, International Society of Hypnosis (ISH). 2016-still: Member of the Scientific committee of HypnoKairos.



Member of ISH


Publications in the English language (those on pdf below, can be ordered from

Carolusson, S. (1990) The Constance Congress; values and impressions. Hypnos, vol 17, 4. 1990: 183-189.

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Carolusson, S. (1996) Introjektiva Projektioner: från ett seminarium med Ludvig Igra. Insikten, nr 1-1996, 30-31.

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Carolusson, S. (1996) Marie: A Case of Dissociated Identity. In Peter, B. et al. (Ed.): Munich Lectures on Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. Hypnosis International Monographs nr 2.

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 Carolusson, S. (1999) Symptom-oriented Diagnostic Systems guiding Treatment Planning: some critical reflections. Hypnos, vol. 26,4. 1999: 194-202.

 Carolusson, S., Garphem, B, Spalde, G. & Scherman, M. (2001) Psychodynamic Hypnotherapy: a clinical perspective. Hypnos, vol. 28. 2001.

 Carolusson, S. (2006) Hypnosis in the Treatment of IBS. Hypnos, dec 2006-4.  In Hungarian: 2011, info:

Carolusson, S. (2011) Be Sensible and Use Your Senses. Hypnosis, Authority and Transference. HypnosNytt nr 4-2011.

Carolusson, S. (2012) How I Use Analytical Analysis in Hypnosis to Treat Burnout, American Society of Clinical hypnosis newsletter, 3. (Title error: Should be How I use analytical hypnosis…)

Carolusson, S. (2014) Dynamic hypnosis, IBS, and the Value of Individualizing Treatment: A Clinical Perspective. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, vol. 62, issue 2, 2014, pp 145-163. Taylor and Francis. Also available online:

 Carolusson, S. Burnout and Analytical Hypnosis. Archives of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. 16(2) 2014: 71-84.

Carolusson, S & Sandemose, H. (2017) HypnoKairos

Carolusson, S. (2017) Egostate therapy international newsletter.


Translated books, or co-edited by Susanna Carolusson:

Carolusson, S. (2010). There is someone in there. Mexico: Alom Editores. On line. Or Recito förlag.

                                                                         In print in Hungarian, to be published 2019.

Carolusson, S. Da drin ist noch jemand. Bonn: Hans Huber Verlag.

Carolusson, S. (2015) Brain trauma, psychoses and a meaningful life. Recito Förlag.
The above books can be ordered in the Nordic (Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Denmark) from  or from the author.

Carolusson, S. Brain Trauma and Communication. In: Varga, Katalin (Editor) (2011) Beyond the Words. Communication and Suggestion in Medical Practice. Nova Science.


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