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Tianjun Liu

Last name


Professor in Clinic Department, School of Acupuncture Moxibustion, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Director of Qigong laboratory of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine



1983—1986          Master of Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China

1978—1983     Bachelor of Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China


Hypnotherapy Training organized and certified by German-Chinese Academy of Psychotherapy, Milton Erickson Society of Clinical Hypnosis MEG and Beijing University 2008/2009


Academic activities:

Psychological Supervisor of Chinese Psychological Society

Deputy Head of Hypnosis Group of Psychological therapy and counseling committee of China Association for Mental Health

Honorary Chairman of China Academic Society of Medical Qigong

Secretary-General of China National Qigong Education and Study Association

Standing Committeeman of Chinese Health Qigong Association

Standing Committeeman of World Academic Society of Medical Qigong

Committeeman of Medical Qigong Exam Committee of State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of People’s Republic of China 


Research interest (Specialty):

. Teach, research and clinical practice of Chinese Traditional Medicine and Qigong.  Give lectures in Japan, Russia, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, England and Germany many times.

. Conduct research on psychosomatic operational techniques from Qigong’s (including meditation, yoga and other natural therapies) point of view and have developed some psychosomatic operational techniques that are used to cure many diseases, especially chronic diseases such as the peptic ulcer, hepatitis, tumor and coronary heart disease.

. Research the modern scientific basis of Qigong, specifically its psychosomatic operational procedure and principle. Two experiments on brain wave with Qigong practice have been done.

.  Use Qigong, acupuncture, massage and herb prescription in clinic to cure difficult diseases, especially to cure coronary heart disease, diabetes, rheumatism and various pains, also give psychotherapy with eastern characteristic.




Beijing, China

Part of Publications:

1. Books

   Tianjun Liu & Bernhard Trenkle: TECHNIQUE OF TRANSFORMING SYMPTOM-IMAGES INTO NOTHINGNESS by China Press of Traditional Chinese Medicine2019

   THE GATEWAY TO QIGONG by People's Sports Publishing House, 1990

   THINKING OPERATION IN BUDDHISTIC MEDITATION, by People's Sports Publishing House, 1993

CHINESE MEDICAL QIGONG, by Chinese Medical Publishing House of China, 2005

     This is the textbook used in Chinese medical universities and colleges.


2. Articles

SENSATION THOUGHT IN QIGONG; Guangming Daily, January 16, 1989

DEVELOPMENT OF QIGONG IN RECENT DECADE; Chinese Traditional Medicine Newspaper, March 23, 1990

THINKING OPERATION PORCEDURE IN QIGONG; Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1992 (3) p196--199

WHAT IS MEDICAL QIGONG; Health Newspaper, September 9, 1994

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