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Gabor Filo

Last name
English, Hungarian

Dr Filo graduated from University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry in 1984. Since then he has been an ardent and passionate proponent of dental hypnosis. During the last two decades, he has proselytized to fellow dentists at many of the major North American dental conferences - Chicago Mid Winter, Yankee Dental, Pacific Dental to name a few. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Hypnosis in Dentistry, a Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, the Pierre Fauchard Academy and an Honourary member of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis – Ontario Division and the Hungarian Association of Hypnosis. He has belonged to the major hypnosis societies, participating organizationally and as faculty, both nationally and internationally. He has authored articles, chapters and a DVD on Rapid Hypnosis. His private practice emphasizes the non-pharmacological treatment of dental anxiety and phobia. To that end Dr. Filo has been a 15+ year user of all tissue dental laser. He advocates for dental laser use and has lectured on their use. His specific areas of interest are rapid inductions and altered states of consciousness.

Hamilton, ON, Canada
Member of ISH


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Presentations/ teachings

Diplomate of American Board of Hypnosis in Dentistry

 Workshops and Seminars for- American Society of Clinical Hypnosis Regional workshops faculty around the United States 2002 - 08

Annual meeting presentations: 2005;2008;2009;2010;2011;2012;2014;2015;2016;2017;2019

Canadian Hypnosis Societies:

Ontario Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Canadian Federation o fClinical Hypnosis Societies   2003

Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis –Ont. Div. 2004, 2008

CSCH – Alberta Division Banff May 2006

CSCH-AD Edmonton Oct 2006

CSCH-OD Toronto Mar 2009

CSCH-OD & Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis Joint Meeting Toronto Oct 2012

CSCH-OD Toronto Mar 2014

International Hypnosis Societies:

German Dental Hypnosis Society Malta 2004

European Society of Hypnosis Malta 2005

Hungarian Hypnosis Society Budapest 2007

European Society of Hypnosis Vienna 2008

International Society of Hypnosis Rome 2009

International Society of Hypnosis Bremen 2012

1st International Conference of Hypnosis In Medicine Budapest 2013

European Society of Hypnosis Manchester 2017

Hungarian Association of Hypnosis:

Esztergom Mar 2018 29th

Annual Meeting Hungarian Association of Hypnosis Budapest May 2019 30th Anniversary Meeting

Dental Societies and Conferences:

Ontario Dental Association Toronto 2004

Periodontal Associates Study Club (Seattle Mississauga 2004 Study Club Branch)

Brant County Dental Academy evening presentation Brantford

2005 Halton –Peel Dental Hygienists Association Mississauga

2005 Ontario Dental Association Annual meeting Toronto

2006 Pacific Dental Conference Vancouver March

2008 Pacific Dental Conference Vancouver March

2011 Ontario Dental Association Annual Meeting Toronto May

2012 Chicago Dental Society 150th Winter Mtg Chicago Feb

2015 Pacific Dental Conference Vancouver Mar

2016 Yankee Dental Conference Boston Mar

2017 Glasgow Dental presentation Glasgow Aug

2017 Ontario Dental Association Annual Meeting Toronto Apr

2018 International Society of Dental Anxiety Management Glasgow Aug 2019

Dental faculties Uof T, Breakfast Club Presentation Nov 2009

Hosted Dundee dental school undergraduates for hypnosis in dental practice 22-25 June 2009