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Rajni Vyas

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Dr. Rajni Vyas M.D. (1937) is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist. She has a parallel biographical sketch. modality. She has pioneering research in the field of infertility. She has taught at the Medical College and M.S. University, Baroda. She is trained at Edinburgh and Delaware USA. She is practicing her discipline as well as is a visiting professor at the M.S. University, Department of Psychology, Baroda, India. She is a hypnotherapist. She is past president of The Indian Society for Clinical Hypnosis.

She has innovative research in unexplained reproductive failures. She applied hypnotherapy in treating 550 couples. Her success rate of 56% is unparalleled with any other

She has studied and practised Hindu and Buddhist meditation.  A versatile scientific training has enabled her to advanced understanding of Patanjali’s Raj Yoga as well as Vajrayana practice. This understanding of mind-body continuum she incorporates in her practice.

Academic Career:

  • 1978- till date: Practising at Parimal Hospital, Pratap Road, Raopura, Baroda
  • 1984- 1997 Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Charge, Surajben Gordhandas Hospital for Women, Baroda
  • 1973-1978 Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Charge, Maharani Shantadevi Nursing Home, Baroda
  • 1964- 1973 Assistant Professor at Medical College, Baroda (in this period went on study leave to train at
  • 1967 -68 Bangour General Hospital, Bangour, Endinburgh U.K.
  • 1968 -1969 St Mary’s Hospital, Delaware, New Jersey, USA

She has published over 20 papers in the National and International journals and is still publishing her research on infertility.  She has attended many National Conferences and made presentations in the subjects of his primary specialization as well as on philosophy and psychology.

She has been examiner for Ph.D. at SVYASA, Swami Vivekanand Yoga Anusthan Sanshtan. A Deemed university, Bangalore. Teaching Yoga practices.


Baroda, Gujarat 390001, Indien

Books published:

  • Sex Education, Population Council of Baroda, 1978
  • Towards Holistic Health, Academy of Holistic Health, Baroda, 1989
  • The Collision of Culture, Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan, New Delhi 2000
  • Space-time-consciousness: The Fifth Dimension, Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan, New Delhi 2004
  • The Indian Book of Clinical Hypnosis, Central Book Agency, Calcutta To be published in 2006
  • Indian handbook of Hypnotherapy, Foundations and Strategies (2009) Concept Publishing Company, New Delhi

Special Interests: Hypnotherapy for Unexplained Reproductive Failure

List of Publications: Dr. Rajni B. Vyas

  1. Tetanus neonatorum.Ind. J. of Ch. Heal. 9, 459, I960.
  2. Observations on the electrophoretic pattern of serum proteins in childhood tuberculosis. Bombay Hospital Journal. 1964.
  3. Compound presentation- A clinical study. J. of Obst. & Gyn. of Ind. i4; 461, 1964.
  4. Hydrocephalus- A clinical study of 78 cases. J. of Obst. & Gyn. of Ind. 15; 284, 1965.
  5. Outcome of second of twins in 583 twin deliveries. J. of Obst. & Gyn. of Ind. 15;591, 1965.
  6. Dystocia resulting from enlargement of abdomen. - A report of two cases. J. of Obst. & Gyn. of Ind. 15; 435, 1965.
  7. Upper segment vertical rupture of uterus- A case report. J. of Obst. & gyn. of Ind.l6; 85, 1966.
  8. Clinical study of 583 twin deliveries. Med. & Surg.6;23,I967.
  9. Dystocia due to foetal abdomenal enlargement. J.of Obst & Gyn. of Ind. 16; 227, I966.
  10. Foreign body in peritoneal cavity. J. Ind. Med. Assoc.47; 345, I966.
  11. Rupture of Uterus- A study of l8l cases. J. of Obst. & Gyn. of Brit. Commonweal.1968.
  12. A clinical study of twin pregnancy. Ind. Pract. 1967.
  13. Primary amenorrhoea. Ind. Pract. I967/
  14. Primary enterocoele-A case report. J. of Obst. & Gyn. of Ind. 17; 256, 1967.
  15. Anencepaaly. A study of 110 cases. J. of Obst. & G^n. of Ind. 17; 352, 1967.
  16. Blood volume in severely anaemic pregnant women. J. of Obst. & Gyn. of Brit. Commonweal. 5; 713, 1968.
  17. Correlation of various physiological factors with blood volume in severely anaemic pregnant women. J.of Obst. & Gyn. of Ind. ‘1969
  18. Childbearing under severely anaemic state. J. of Obst. & Gyn. of .Ind. 1969.


The following are treated with Indirect Hypnosis:

  1. Vyas Rajni, Adwanikar Geeta, Hathi Leena, Vyas Bhaskar, Parikh R.D., Psychodynamics of    Unexplained Reproductive Failure, J. Obstet.  Gynecol. Ind, 2002; 52: 35-38 
  2. Vyas Rajni, Adwanikar Geeta and Hathi Leena, Vyas' Modification of Huhner's Test: An Innovation for Immunological Infertility, J. Obst. Gyn. Of India Vol. 53; No.4, July/August 2003

    3.Vyas Rajni, Shah Maitri, Thakkar Sejal. Hypnosis in pregnancy with Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Oligohydramnios: An Innovative Approach; American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis; 54:116-123, 2011

    4. Vyas Rajni, Adwanikar Geeta, Hathi Leena, Vyas Bhaskar. Psycotherapeutic Intervention with Hypnosis in 554 couples with Reproductive failure; Journal of Indian Medical Association;

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